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Learning Environment

An Appropriate Environment for New Types of Learning

Imadegawa – Karasuma Campus – Welcome

The Karasuma Campus is located up the street from Doshisha University's main Imadegawa Campus. It opened in the autumn of 2012 and is the educational core for the Faculty of Global and Regional Studies.
The “Shikokan” is furnished with the latest equipment with an emphasis on training in practical language abilities through utilizing diverse media in the computer-assisted language learning rooms and media seminar rooms.
The Karasuma Campus, in addition to the Faculty of Global and Regional Studies, is the home of the Graduate School of Policy and Management, the Graduate School of Global Studies, and The Institute for the Liberal Arts. The campus is a symbol of Doshisha University’s ongoing emphasis on globalism.



Karasuma Campus
Characteristics of the Faculty
Overseas Training
Learning Environment